About The Tournament

The 3 vs 3 Tournament is the ideal way for players to master decision making skills in real simulated game situations.

The message of Decision Training is that in a game, athletes are continually making small decisions and occasion, big game winning decisions. To be succesfull, to perform at their maximum, to make the right descision the majority of the time, athletes must learn and practice decision making as part of their training.

1-     Attention – The athlete learns to select from an overwhelming array of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and other stimuli the best cues for each situation. The athlete does not see everything; he or she learns to see the right things

2-     Anticipation – The athlete learns to attend to cues early so skills and tactics are performed under optimal control. The athlete perceives what needs to be done much earlier and thus responds more optimally.

3-     Concentration – The athlete learns to sustain attention over time. They become confident they can sustain their focus under more and more difficult conditions.

4-     Memory Retrieval – The athlete learns to quickly retrieve from memory solutions needed to solve the current problem. The athlete is able to select from the whole of their training and experience.

5-     Problem Solving – The athlete learns to asses every situation and devise the best solution. They learn not only to handle a wide array of experiences in competition but also become confident in their abilities to do this.

6-     Automaticity – The athlete learns to devote a high level of attention to a few aspects while placing all else under automatic control. This is absolutely essential if the athlete is to deal with more complex situation. Only when more and more skills become automatic are limited mental resources freed up to solve more advanced problems

7-     Creativity – The athlete develops new insights into their sport that are both novel and effective. the athlete is confident in their ability to create new solutions. They know they can handle difficult and unusual conditions.

Our vision for the 3 vs 3 tournament is an additional tool for players to prepare themselves and fine-tune their skills before heading off to various professional camps, high school tryouts, national program tryouts, or college seasons.