Rules and Information

Tournament Format

  • 4 teams – 8 skaters 1 goaltender.
  • All teams play nine 20 minute games.
  • Ice is split in half to allow 3 games play simultaneously
  • Games start Friday at 5PM with each team playing 3 games.
  • Saturday is broken into two sessions: Saturday AM (9AM-1250) and Saturday PM (12 Noon – 350PM).


  • Teams ref own games – Its as GENTLEMEN’S GAME and we are all here to get better.
  • NO Hitting. Minor body contact allowed as gameplay calls for (puck protection, puck battles etc.)
  • Penalty results in a switch of possession and goal called back if required.
  • Each team changes players on the fly.
  • Each team keeps their own score.
  • The buzzer will sound after 20 minutes and the teams will switch.
  • No extra time.

Price And Prize

  • Cost per Team is $95 per player.
  • In order to Register, ALL team members must fill out a registration form and pay the fee.
  • Winning Team will be crowned tournament champions and will receive a TBD prize.