Boston University’s Robbie Baillargeon Uses Reaching To Burn Michigan Defensemen

Saturday, October 25, 2013 Boston University traveled to the Yost Arena in Ann Arbor, Michigan to play the No. 4 Ranked Michigan Wolverines. During the first period, freshmen forward Robbie Baillargeon pulled a great move on the rush to get past a Michigan defensemen.

This is a perfect clip that showcases a few different skills in action. First, Robbie does a great job faking inside and quickly exploding outside, throwing the defensemen off balance. We practice this exact skill during our skating drills: Quick strides in and Exploding in the opposite direction. Second, once Robbie exploded outside, he used his hands to drag the puck across his body and then fully extends his arms away from the defensemen in an effort to protect the puck. This is a perfect example of how reaching drills can come alive during real-game situations.


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