Cornell’s Brian Ferlin Scores Great Goal Against Yale

Brian Ferlin shows why he is a top prospect for the Boston Bruins in his goal versus Yale last January. There is a lot at play here in this video when analyzing it from a player evaluation perspective.

  • Tenacity- Ferlin is all over the ice here, skating with a purpose which created opportunities for him. He’s constantly moving his feet through the neutral zone and supporting the play. He makes a very quick decision to jump on a loose puck which was enabled because he never stopped moving his feet.
  • Vision- Most players in this situation would have driven the net and tried to bury it home, using the crashing forward as deception, which also has the potential to be a very nice play. Ferlin seems to be taking this route but makes a beautiful pass through the defenders stick to his line mate in the slot. He is skating with his head up the whole time, holding onto the puck just long enough to draw the defender to him before passing it across ice.
  • Quick Hands- Ferlin makes an outstanding move off the broken play that will go unnoticed by the average fan. He picks up the puck on his backhand across his body while moving in the opposite direction, is able to stop short, quickly bring the puck back across his body to his forehand and rifle off a hard snapshot in a matter of seconds. The skill and difficulty level of this play is extremely high.
  • Strength- The ability to take a hard shot from awkward positions without being able to step into a shot with your whole body is one skill that separates good players from average players. Ferlin is forced to take a shot with his hands positioned very close to his body and the puck at his skates. He didn’t have time to take a big wind-up to bring full body power behind the shot. It is very impressive that he was able to take such a hard shot from that position.

We recognize this valuable skill at the Pertti Hasanen Hockey Academy. Here is one drill that we use to help players develop this skill. Players always talk about how difficult it is but after practicing it over and over again, they gain more confidence and it becomes natural.


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