Mini Hockey

Mini Hockey is a new evolution of player development here at Pertti Hasanen Hockey. Jim and Doug Michals introduced us to the possibilities of Mini Hockey by showing us their 4-in-1 ice rink at the Fesseden School in West Newton, Ma. As you can see from the video above, the ice is split into four rinks with real boards, easy-to-use doors to switch between rinks and nets for protection from flying pucks. Unlike the traditional square pad dividers, these boards provide an authentic arena atmosphere, except…mini!

Smaller rink means greater concentration.

Small games designed to make hockey decisions.

Fewer players mean better player-per-puck ratio, which means more puck touches.

Our vision for Pertti Hasanen Mini Hockey is to combine the innovative boards design with our innovative training techniques to create the perfect environment to develop young hockey players.

Mini Hockey recognizes the fact that younger children perform better in smaller teams and smaller rinks with simple rules. The main theme throughout Mini Hockey is to meet the needs of children, which often gets lost during  5 vs 5 games played on full ice sheets intended for adults. Therefore, it is a game children can actually play rather than struggling to understand a game created for adults.

Mini Hockey uses decision training and random variable practice to create game-like situations where an athlete is required to select from a number of tactical choices the one that is most appropriate for the situation. Design of the practice is such that neither offensive nor defensive players are prepared for what their opponent will be doing.  Ice hockey players must use many different skills in each game. Successful players both defensive and offensive must be able to decide immediately which tactics are needed and the optimal skill needed by interpreting cues from their opponents actions.

Mini Hockey helps players to prepare themselves for the situations when they are alone on the competitive stage and must think quickly and effectively on his or her own. Instead of leaving these critical mental skills to chance, we design practices that help the player make smart decisions that will surely they help them improve their mental, physical and  technical skills.

Pertti Hasanen Mini Hockey will be available soon! Please Contact Us with any inquiries you may have.


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