Pavel Datsyuk Displays Quick Stick Skills In Tight For Amazing Goal

This is the first of many posts featuring Detroit Red Wing’s star Pavel Datsyuk. He is arguably the most skilled player in the NHL. He has an uncanny ability to combine skating power, balance, and stick stills for highlight reel goals almost every game.

This clip in particular shows Datsyuk’s stick skills in tight areas. He catches a pass in traffic   with a defender’s stick right in his lane. Quick decision making allows him to stick handle from forehand to backhand, underneath the defenders stick in a very small area back onto his forehand before quickly snapping the puck top corner.

He makes it looks easy!

With enough practice, you can do similar moves with ease. Our unique stick-handling equipment and drills encourage quick stick handling motions. Pucks tapped beneath the sticks allow only enough room for another puck to slide through. This forces players into focusing on small area stick-handling. Combine this with our drills focusing on quick decision making and you’ll be Datsyukin’ in no time!


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