Welcome to Pertti Hasanen Hockey Academy!

Hello everyone, and Welcome!

All of us at Pertti Hasanen Hockey Academy are very excited for the opening of our website. We are currently in Beta stages of development but we are working very hard to get the official site up and running shortly.

This is the first of many blog posts. We have a very specific vision for this page, which I would like to share with you now to give you a sense of why this page will be so important to your development as a hockey player.

One cool part about our jobs is the feedback we receive from players and parents after the camp. Parents are amazed at how they start noticing “Pertti moves” being used in games. Before, they didn’t pick up on the subtle skills that dramatically impact the game. Once they know what to look for, they are constantly seeing the moves all over the ice.

We also get a lot of feedback from players who will watch an NHL game and see Crosby or Datsyuk doing “Pertti moves.” Seeing the skills we teach at our camps come alive helps reinforce our program.

The focus of this blog page is going to be showcasing video clips from NHL or College games that have “Pertti moves” in them. Each clip will show a goal or special move that is exactly what we teach during our camps. Our hope is that watching these clips will reinforce these skills in players’ minds and help show them how to apply these skills in games.

We will also be posting camp updates, news, and information on the page as well.

We hope you will enjoy! Feel free to leave any comments. We appreciate your feedback!


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