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Here at Pertti Hasanen Hockey, we pride ourselves on providing elite development opportunities that will propel you to the top. Over the years, we have had the privilege to train with elite players all over the country from the NHL, AHL and NCAA. There is nothing more satisfying that seeing campers develop and reach their career goals. Here are a few campers who have been with us for years and whose hard work and dedication have turned them into the greatest players in the world.

Pittsburgh Penguins Lee Stempniak  Lee Stempniak 

“Pertti’s drills force you to go beyond your comfort zone. The player is encouraged to be deliberate in the exercises and master each one before adding more difficulty.  Over time the player is better able and more confident to handle the puck and shoot the puck in various positions that arise during the game. Pertti’s progressions of drills allow the player to thrive in game situations due to a greater ability to control the puck in a wider range of positions.  What was once beyond your comfort zone has now become your new comfort zone”
Alex Chiasson Dallas Stars Alex Chiasson 

“Skating with Pertti has pushed me to become a more effective and dangerous player on the ice. His knowledge and determination will make a difference any players game. I am looking forward to this summer as I know he will helped me increase my accuracy in my shooting and stick handling abilities”

Kristina Brown Boston College  Kristina Brown 

“I did your clinic back in 2012 summer when I was attending Boston College. I have been abroad playing hockey for two years and now I am playing for the Boston Blades here in Boston. I remember your clinic to be the best thing I did for my game and I would love to get back into it again this summer. Are you still doing this clinic? If so, I would love to sign up again. Let me know.”

The other day in my game, I scored one of the most beautiful goals of my entire life and I do have to say that I completely owe it to the things you taught me. I had to reach to catch the puck and release it quickly, and I was able to do that because of all the work we did this summer. I really enjoyed your program, and it definitely proved to be more than effective.”

Devin Shore  Devin Shore 

“That’s what you look for in a camp like this. You’re not getting better if you are doing stuff you are already capable of doing. When you stretch those boundaries, get out of that comfort zone it is hard at first, but over time, even over the course of the week, you find yourself getting better.”

Other notable campers include:
Charlie Coyle (Minnesota Wild)
Josephine Pucci (Harvard University/USA Women’s Olympic Team)
Matthew Nieto (San Jose Sharks)
Alex Carpenter (Boston College/USA Women’s Olympic Team)
John McCarthy (San Jose Sharks)
Kelli Stack (Boston College/USA Women’s Olympic Team)
Colin Wilson (Nashville Predators)
Heather Mottau (Northeastern Huskies)
Brian Strait (New York Islanders)
Jen Schoullis (University of Minnesota)
Brandon Yip (Phoenix Coyotes)
Will O’Neill (St. Johns Ice Caps/Winnipeg Jets)
Wade Megan (San Antonio Rampage/Florida Panthers)
Ryan Fitzgerald (Boston College Eagles/Boston Bruins)



Don’t take our word for it, listen to what ex-professional players, head coaches, strength coaches, parents and more are saying about our camps!

Don Cahoon (UMass - Head Coach) Don “Toot” Cahoon

“Jason has been helped by your summer stick work and shooting skill session beyond measure. He has broken into a veteran D lineup enough to make a contribution. Over time his confidence has grown significantly. So a big thank you to you!” 

“As a parent/grandparent, it is very important you evaluate the teaching environment that your student/athlete is a part of. With this central in my mind, Pertti Hasanen has created the VERY BEST teaching model that focuses on development in areas of puck skills that include puck protection,shooting and confidence while controlling the puck. This type of development
is essential if the athlete is to advance the quality of their game. All of Hasanen’s efforts are devoted to the hockey player becoming more complete.”
Donald Toot Cahoon (Former Umass Amherst and Princeton Head coach about his grandson Jason who is playing with Bowdoin College.)

“My oldest daughter and several of my U19 team players did this program last summer and the improvement I saw was remarkable after only 8 weeks. On the ice with them last summer were 7 members of the US National Team (including 5 Olympians) and 10-12 Division 1 College players. The quality of player and the quality of coaching is top notch. Pertti is on the ice himself every night. My daughter has recently committed to play Division 1 college hockey at Dartmouth College and her puck handling skills, shooting and confidence with the puck, developed though Pertti’s camp is one of the big reasons why.”
– Scott Shaunessy (Former NHL/AHL Professional)

“Pertti’s creativity and passion for stickhandling skill development are truly inspiring. It’s astounding to me that he is able to recognize patterns in hockey that no one else has ever really noticed, and then went on to design skill development drills which support goal scoring. He brings truly creative insight to his work. His attention to detail and commitment to continuous improvement are also inspirational.”
– John Sowoda (CHL Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Can’t tell you how impressed I am with the puck work sessions.  It is as advertised.  Best money I have spent on a specific focus.  My daughter Lily is reaping the benefits, so thanks!
Andy Connolly, Parent

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