High School (13-17)

High School is a crucial juncture for hockey players because it is a time where young men are beginning to mature and develop. Their minds along with their bodies are changing and it has a huge impact on their performance on the ice. Around this time, the competition dramatically increases. Parents and players are willing to do anything to gain even the slightest edge on the competition. The amount of dedication one puts into bettering his game is often the deciding factor in whether or not he can perform at the next level.

Our high school camps take into consideration how important this time is for a player. We recognize that the proper training can either make or break a player. Our tried and true training techniques are specifically crafted towards young men. We aim to help develop good habits that will carry players through their careers. A special focus is placed on correcting bad habits through a variety of skating, shooting, and game scenario drills that require specialized understanding of motion and balance.

We have had tremendous success at this level and are proud to have hosted a handful of the top high school recruits in New England. These camps are held on Tuesday night at 4 PM to 5:20 PM at the Valley Forum II in Malden, Ma.